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Four Ways to Help Obtain Diabetic Life Insurance Eligibility

Four Ways to Help Obtain Diabetic Life Insurance Eligibility
Four Ways to Help Obtain Diabetic Life Insurance Eligibility

The term “pre-existing condition” is often assumed to infer an automatic denial for coverage or an astronomically high premium amongst those living with chronic medical conditions like diabetes. With the possibility of a variety of serious complications that can present when the disease is not well managed, it’s understandable why diabetics seeking life insurance would be so quick to assume that they’re uninsurable.

While chronic medical conditions certainly can present challenges for those living with them, finding affordable life insurance coverage doesn’t have to be one of them. By putting forth your best effort to maintain the best level of health attainable given your condition, you increase your odds for being approved for life insurance, as well as your odds of receiving an affordable premium at the maximum coverage.

Here are a few ways to help ensure your eligibility for a diabetic life insurance policy.

You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight management is one of the most important factors within your control when it comes to assisting in your eligibility for obtaining life insurance. When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes and is overweight, the doctor’s first recommendations are to adopt a healthy diet, begin a regular exercise regimen, and set attainable weight loss goals.

By reducing excess weight, your condition may prove more manageable and may respond more effectively to treatment. The better managed your diabetes is, the more favorable your application looks to insurance companies. So – if you’ve been working hard to maintain a healthy figure and stay fit, you’re a prime candidate for a quality life insurance policy!

You Don’t Smoke

Whether you have diabetes or not, smoking sends up a huge red flag to any life insurance company. Smoking is a known contributor to a large variety of chronic and fatal illness and has no proven benefits for individuals who choose to use the substance. If you smoke, consult your doctor about the best way for you to take on the task of tobacco cessation. If you have always made a point to refrain from smoking, you’ve made yourself a marketable applicant to life insurance companies. With the variety of possible complications that accompany diabetes, the negative impact of smoking could ruin your potential for obtaining an affordable premium, or a policy in its entirety.

You Have a Healthy Blood Pressure

Diabetes and heart disease often coexist – often credited to poor weight management and a subpar diet. One of the first signs that may signal an issue with your heart health is high blood pressure. Insurance companies want to know that your condition is as you claim it to be, well-maintained, and not more than they were bargaining for. Even an insulin dependent diabetic can be found eligible for life insurance if they appear healthy upon physical exam on matters of the heart. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure for optimal heart health through proper diet and exercise can have a desirable outcome for diabetics seeking life insurance.

Your Diabetes is Well-Managed

Diabetes that is well-managed and responsive to treatment is a great bargaining piece when you submit your application for life insurance. Although you still have diabetes, the risk of complications is drastically reduced in patients who have diligently monitored their blood sugars and have responded well to their doctor’s treatment plan. Less risk, equals a higher likelihood of approval and affordability.

Don’t let the myths about diabetic eligibility keep you from pursuing a life insurance policy that suits you and your family’s needs. People with diabetes are still very insurable – especially those that monitor their conditions closely and take good care of their bodies.

Now all you have to do is find the policy that is right for you!

Four Ways to Help Obtain Diabetic Life Insurance Eligibility
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Four Ways to Help Obtain Diabetic Life Insurance Eligibility
Here are four ways to help obtain diabetic life insurance eligibility. These tips can help you get an affordable life insurance rate.
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About the author

Matt Schmidt

Matt’s father was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 and since then has been determined to help educate others about diabetes. Matt currently lives in Pittsburg, PA with his wife and two children.

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