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Reasons Why You Crave for Sugar and its Solution

Reasons Why You Crave for Sugar and its Solution

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Have you ever craved for sugar so much that you cannot restrict yourself from a candy bar? Or are you a person with diabetes but once a sweet tooth and now all you can do is crave? Well, we have all been there, we have all done that.

You might have people telling you to do nothing about it; it is who you are, some people like sweets more than other. And then some people will suggest to eat healthily and exercise. Let me tell you one thing; these statements can never be more wrong.

For so long I was also one of those who used to think that you can do nothing while you crave sugar but from a little while I have changed my living style and so much has changed since then.

Here are some factors and their solutions that make you crave for sugar.


Yes, we often develop bad habits and then blame everything else but ourselves. One day we were not eating chocolates, then the other day we had a small bar, and then the portion started increasing gradually. What is happening here is that we are training our body to ask for something it consumes on a daily basis.

Change your bad habits and plan your sugar intake, even if your refrigerator has two chocolate bars in it than I does not mean you have to have it all in a day. Plan when you can adjust it with your daily calories intake and then wait for the day to come, you will feel like you have earned it!


I was one of those who use to skip there breakfast and spend rest of my day feeling miserable and making everyone’s life miserable. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is a key to a happy lifestyle.

When we eat better early in the day, there is a very little chance for us to ask for more. Studies have shown that people who eat better and take required sugar early in the morning lose and maintains their weight quickly.

Do not take healthy eating to dull food; there are so many delicious recipes for diet plans that can make you stick to it for longer than you can imagine.


Studies say that if you are not sleeping for straight eight hours at night than there is more chance for you to gain weight and have several harmful effects. But lesser do we know that we crave for sweet things when we sleep less than we are supposed to.

When we sleep less, our body produces hormones that make us feel hungry. Have you noticed you feel hungry throughout the day when you have not had enough sleep at night? And what food do you crave most? Sugary, because our body needs immediate energy to cope up with the rest of the day and sugar is the best source to energize ourselves.


We often consider that to let us wait to have a meal is a good thing, or to skip a meal entirely can do wonders for you. Maybe for a shorter span, it will, but for the long run, you will regret developing this eating habit of yours.

When we deprive ourself of eating when hungry, we do not just get mad on every little thing around us, but we also overeat. We find ourselves approaching for things that may not be very good for our health but what we see irresistible is everything sweet.

Eat whenever you feel like eating but do not misunderstand your boredom to hunger, there is a delicate line in between.


When we plan a diet, we remove snacks from it immediately, good, do it, but eliminate the unhealthy ones only. A handful of walnuts can prove to be of more help in reducing your weight than eight to nine hours of not eating at all.

Try to eat four to five times a day but in small portions. This will help you control your sugar cravings.


After a good work out session, even touching a smoothie or a drink feels like a wrong thing but trust me it is not, if anything, it is healthy for you to have a glass of a smoothie or an energy drink. For me, a smoothie is a better option as you can prepare it with all natural ingredients.

When I say smoothie I mean nonfat milk or yogurt (not whole cream milk), honey, if needed (not processed sugar or any other sweetener), and fruits of your choice.

A work out takes a lot out of you in an hour or so, boosting up your energy should be your priority otherwise you will find yourself in taking more calories than you burned.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be an answer to all our worries, a little change in our habits cannot just help us keep in shape but also prevent us from many diseases. If you are a diabetic patient than the factors stated above will help you keep your hands off what is no more than poison for you and if you are not diagnosed with this problem than following these as preventions can help you stay out of this disease.

Diabetics is now a widespread disease and a child age four even have it, mostly it is genetic, but your choices can also lead you to danger and not just you but your child too.

Be very careful with what you put in your mouth; it is not just you that will get affected by it; your children will too be a part of it.

Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she’s on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at

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