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5 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

5 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar
5 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

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From a very young age, we all came to the realization that sugar is not good for us, our elders keep on pushing us to stop it with this habit before regretting.

Japanese claims that for a healthy diet five tastes are essential, sour, bitter, salty, spicy and sweet. Clearly, sweet things are a must in our diet, but the key is to know how and when to have it for keeping a proper balance. As sugar is addictive and gives instant energy so we happen to consume it more than any other taste we experience and from there the problem begins.

What I, personally believe is, a little precaution can take you to a long way. It is always better to have little of what you like than have a condition which will make you completely quit having it. Sugar is addictive, you may not be a big sweet tooth at first but adding sugar to your diet can gradually make you an addict.

Craving sugar can also be because of our lack of sleep. I know it may sound unusual, but this is how it is, we feel hungry and crave for sweets if we have not had a proper eight hours of sleep at night. If you are someone who loves to crash diet and you o

ften crave for sweet so much, you practically jump towards chocolate anywhere sweet so let me tell you the reason behind it. When we deprive ourselves of less food, we may end up feeling dizzy, and sugar increases our energy level in an instant that is why we find ourselves going for sweeter things when feeling weird.

Always eat healthily and make this your children’s habit from the very beginning, if you and your child are habitual of eating healthy food than the cravings would never be a problem for you or for them. It is time for us to go for healthier options than ruining our life altogether.

When I talk about balanced diet or healthy eating, people only think of food that may taste dull but balanced diet includes everything and when I say everything I mean everything. It is the dieting you do after so many years of compulsive eating and unhealthy food that leads you to the food you were saying dull in the name of a balanced diet. Here is a link to some delicious recipes for your balanced diet

Diabetes may be the cause of your genetics or maybe your unhealthy lifestyle. We are spending our life eating so many sweets that we end up with prescription and strict orders by the doctor to leave sugar all together.

There are several reasons for which you should stop consuming sugar, but the most important once are listed below.

Empty Calories

When we go out for buying ourselves some clothes or shoes and things like this, we look into every single detail that we can but unfortunately, we rarely give our food a second thought, and that concerns me the most.

I always look out for what I put in my mouth and ask the same from others. See what nutrients you are consuming and what are necessary. Sometimes we skip some food we like with a thought that it is not good for us or have more calories, but in fact, with a little calculation and planning in your meal, you would have had it.

Now, let’s see why we should not use sugar, the answer is simple because it has nothing to give you except for the taste. I know the taste matters a lot, but with little time you can alter your habits. I am not asking to eliminate sugar entirely because low sugar is a thing too but consume it as little as possible.

Contributes to Obesity

Obesity is the most common issue of this generation. We have made technology our good and our life like a robot. We have so little time for ourselves that we are habitual of taking outs and delivery foods.

The obesity rate is increasing with increasing years because a creamed milk smoothie to the go is better than something you prepare with non sweeten yogurt and berries. And a lump of sugar gives you nothing but calories, and that plays the most crucial role in gaining weight.

It is also a known fact that too much weight does not allow your heart to function well. You suffer from many diseases, and heart disease is one of them. That is the reason that most people nowadays are either suffering from a heart condition or in their way to that destination.

Weakens Eyesight

You must be thinking that I may have lost my track or my mind but trust me I am fully aware of what I am up about. Too much sugar causes people with diabetes; which is a common disease now, even small children have it, may case your eyesight some harm. We see kids going crazy over sugar around the Halloween season, and we find it okay for them to act in that way because they are kids, but you are not. You have to think it through before letting your kids have anything.

Weak eyesight problem is as common as diabetics. We blame our child`s interest in television, mobiles, laptops and other gadgets to be the reason for weak eyesight but it may be the sugar intake we are allowing them harming them more. I am not saying too much use of technology with the blue screen is okay, or it has no or little effect. All I am saying is that there are sometimes more reasons for a problem than just one very visible one. To keep your child away from the television so that he or she does not end up with spectacles, you have to keep an eye on their sugar intake too.

In some but very least cases, kids play outside more and give little attention to the television but have an eyesight problem. In such situation, you have to see what they are eating. People with more physical activities crave for sugar more than any of us.

Following are the problems you may face if you eat sugar more than you should.

  • Macular Degeneration: This problem takes place when the middle part of your retina weakens. Macular provides us the clear vision we too much sugar affects its ability, and we see blurry and distorted images.
  • Retinopathy: Retina transmits the visual information to the brain for processing. Diabetic retinopathy causes irreversible damage to the blood vessels in the retina, which may cause visual impairment or blindness.
  • Glaucoma:¬†Increased blood sugar level can make the blood vessels in our eyes to shrunk; making a fluid to built that would not be properly drained. There are no symptoms or pain in this, but if not treated right, it may cause loss of sight.
  • Cataracts: It causes a cloud on your lens which makes your vision unfocused and blurry hence no clear information to the retina and no proper image for your brain. High blood sugar level can make your lens swell and Xchange which exposes you to the risk of Cataracts.¬†¬†

Rots Your Teeth

The teeth problems were a lot in our times, but now it is getting worse. We are so habitual of sugar that we pay little attention to what is it doing to our health. A simple soda carries so much sugar in it that we almost feel it in our teeth, but the addiction to it is stopping us from letting us think about our health. Even the owners do not deny the fact of the sugar accession.

At a young age, we let our child go through the pain braces brings but is that enough? To have a treatment for good looking teeth and doing nothing after that? Certainly not, if you cared enough to feel that pain you should make that pain worth it by not destroying your teeth or your gums afterward.

I always encounter people who tell me that they have rotten teeth and they cannot simply find the cause of it and after few details exchanged the problem is mostly the sugar intake. People often think that the only damage sugar can do to your teeth is pit and fissure cavity but make no mistake there are root cavity, smooth surface cavity and other teeth decaying problems that may make you smile less and worry more.

Can Suppress Your Immune System

Having sugar only adds calories to your body, but little do we know it also suppresses our immune system. Having a healthy immune system helps us in preventing diseases. Your blood sugar level up to 120 can decrease your immune system up to 75% which means having breakfast, lunch or dinner can increase your blood sugar level hence suppressed the immune system.

With a properly planned diet, you can always enjoy your meals and not get affected by any disease.

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