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Tips for Getting Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes

Tips for Getting Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes
Tips for Getting Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes

When you’re ready to apply for life insurance, it’s important that you’ve done research on your policy options, eligibility factors, and have arranged to speak with a licensed and knowledgeable life insurance agent about any questions or concerns you may have about your eligibility, while simultaneously putting forth your best effort to ensure that you’re in the best health possible given your health conditions.

We have compiled a list of five tips that will assist you in understanding what actions are necessary to take if you’re looking to for life insurance with type 2 diabetes.

1. Have labs drawn and assess whether they are within normal range.

When applying for eligibility to purchase diabetic life insurance, the life insurance company will request that you visit the doctor to obtain current labs, and provide them the results so that they are able to assess your current health standing. Why labs? Labs provide insight into your health status that a routine physical cannot display. If you’re a person with type 2 diabetes, life insurance companies will be especially interested in the results of your A1C test, a lab that measures how your body is metabolizing glucose.

2. Shed extra pounds.

Weight management is a factor that contributes heavily to the overall health of any individual, and for diabetics, excess weight can negatively impact health in an even more profound way. If you are a type 2 diabetic looking to purchase life insurance, it is exceedingly important for you to understand that being overweight comes as an additional liability to any insurance company.

If you’re an individual who is overweight, your excess weight can significantly influence your eligibility as well as your monthly premiums. Healthy weight management may be the difference between a premium that is affordable, and one that is not. Make it a priority to gradually be more physically fit so that you can achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

3. Quit Smoking.

Smoking flags you as a huge liability to any life insurance company. An extensive list of chronic illnesses, many of them fatal, have been scientifically proven to occur at greater rates in smokers as opposed to non-smokers. With such a strong correlation between smoking and chronic and fatal illness, it’s understandable why being a smoker would warrant a higher premium.

Individuals who smoke risk being denied eligibility for life insurance or paying an excessive premium, but smoking paired with type 2 diabetes is guaranteed to generate a high premium. To avoid being viewed as an increased risk of liability, work towards quitting smoking as soon as possible.

For tips on how to quit smoking, click here.

4. Keep current copies of your medical records handy.

Life insurance companies will inquire about your past medical history in order to make a decision regarding your eligibility. The only time your medical records will not be subject to review is when you are applying for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Be sure to confirm that you have attended a recent physical examination and that you are in possession of an up to date medical record.

Having this information handy can expedite your application process and help deliver a decision regarding eligibility much quicker than if you have to start from scratch.

Pre-existing conditions will be made evident upon the review of your medical records and will ultimately affect your premiums.

5. Work closely with a licensed agent who specializes in life insurance for type 2 diabetics.

The best method for receiving accurate information regarding life insurance for type 2 diabetics is to meet with a life insurance professional that specializes in helping individuals with type 2 diabetes get approved to purchase life insurance. Life insurance agents will help you get familiar with your policy options and give you feedback about how significantly your health may impact your eligibility.

Tips for Getting Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes [Apply Now]
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Tips for Getting Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes [Apply Now]
Here are 5 tips for getting life insurance with type 2 diabetes. Life insurance is important, but also requires extra steps for people with diabetes.
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About the author

Matt Schmidt

Matt’s father was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 and since then has been determined to help educate others about diabetes. Matt currently lives in Pittsburg, PA with his wife and two children.

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